What Made You Choose Ally Bank?

There’s no shortage of places to put your money. Walk or drive down any city street, and you’ll probably see signs advertising rates and products from dozens of financial institutions. But somewhere along the way, you decided to go with Ally Bank (good choice, by the way). We want to know why. So tell us: 

What made you choose Ally?

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  1. 2
    Ron Kendra

    I’m switching from Chase to Ally.
    Pros 24/7 to talk to someone better interest more ATM’s

    Con Chase sent me a email every day about my account. summary. Very nice, Ally, not so nice

  2. 4

    Loving Ally so far. Great rates relative to other banks, and I like the mobile app. Trying to get my husband on Ally, but he has a Windows 7 Mobile phone, and Ally doesn’t have a mobile app for that platform. :(

  3. 6

    The mobile app is great!

    Pro: 24/7 talk to someone and they are VERY courteous and friendly
    Con: Difficult to deposit cash

    • 10
      Chris Nocar

      In Reply to all of these asking for Daily emails about there account. If you add it, PLEASE don’t make it mandatory. I have the INTERNET readily available, and its 2 clicks to log in and check the account. I don’t need 365 more emails clogging up my email.

      Pro’s: Free Checks and Withdrawals anywhere. Unlimited Deposits (from account to account). High rates (relative to other banks).

      Con’s: Need a second bank account to supplement(for cash reasons). Time for account transfers is very slow(relative to chase).

  4. 11

    I liked the no monthly fees, the ATM fee reimbursement, and the low overdraft fee. That was refreshing. But even more refreshing was the simplicity of your website (other banks have so much advertising for other products, and all sorts of bells and whistles I don’t need and that just give me a headache), and the 24-hour chat option. I used it a few times before signing up and responses were so fast and straightforward. That in itself seems like such as timersaver. I hope the honeymoon continues…:)

    • 14

      We are working hard to provide support for our Windows Phone customers. We do not have a timeline to share at this time, but we will provide updates to the community as they become available.

  5. 15

    Nice to see all the new mobile apps but how about something for the Amazon Kindle. We don’y have access to Google Play!

  6. 16

    I could not pass up the great rates, and the customer service is friendly, helpfull, and courteous.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. 18

    Ally has the best customer service around. I recently switch from BofA and split my accounts with Ally and Wells Fargo. I must say I’m very very impressed and will be here to stay. I don’t why I stuck with Band of America so long worst customer service based on my experience and industry ratings.

    Also ALLY remembered my birthday! Thanks Ally!

  8. 23

    Ally has combined great, uber-competitive rates with an internet-only relationship that feels personal – more so than my home town bank. Nice job, Ally.

  9. 25

    Our daughter suggested we contact Ally after she reviewed our Vanguard accounts. We never looked back once we determined that Ally was for us. Not only your rates were attractive, but your personnel were outstanding. We are always talking about Ally and referring all family and friends to take the plunge.

  10. 27

    The commitment to paying great interest rates to savers was the hook. I found the Ally website intuitive and it was very easy to setup interface with non-Ally accounts. I’m also glad the company has raised $1bn of equity to comply with Fed stress tests, helps my confidence to keep the majority of my assets with Ally.

  11. 29

    I found Ally when I went searching for an online bank after Perkstreet failed. I really like the vast numbers of programs that Ally offers. Looking forward to a long relationship with them.

  12. 30

    The customer service is great-so friendly and personal. Opened an Ally checking account once I got an auto loan through them. Wish I knew about Ally sooner. Hope to build a long relationship with Ally.

  13. 31

    I am a believer that customer service is one of the keys to be successful. Too many businesses today cut corners and forget about their most important assets to grow and expand, which is satisfied customers. It is customer service, credibility and reputation management, which are most important for me.
    When I completed the application (which was super easy) and had a follow up issue, customer service was most efficient, knowledgeable and focused. Ally Bank got my ten Star rating. thanks

  14. 36

    I’m learning how to manage transfers and getting through the rough spots for a technically challenged person like myself. Being brand new, I really appreciate the wonderful customer. I really felt it wasn’t merely a “first impression” demonstration, but solid principles and work ethics I can come to expect.
    I’m very grateful for my loved one who referred me to Ally.

  15. 38

    Great mobile app. I am old enough to remember the services and friendly relationship I had with my neighborhood bank. I think ALLY comes very close to that model without the brick and mortar.Keep up the good work and the great rates.

  16. 41

    I have to say the interest rate brought me here, but the painful process/paperwork/mailed document requirements is making me want to leave.

    The whole point of going to an “online” bank for me was being able to do my banking “online”… yet I am continually called and requested to send this letter, form, etc. What is the point?!

    Also, there are ridiculous limits on online deposits that I did not have at my prior bank.

  17. 42

    When shopping for a new bank, Ally was a clear winner. Aside from the best rates, the transparency of fees and actions upfront was unique and ultimately what swayed me most.

  18. 46

    Rates are not the greatest but better than I can get at a local bank. Very disappointed the learn that I cannot download my transactions directly into Quick Books.

  19. 49
    Nick Collide

    Came looking for rates, stayed for the kind of service you usually only get from LL Bean or Fidelity. Pretty rare these days. Never get the “due to unusual call volume you will wait til the end of Time” that is a standard opening these day at every Bank out there..
    Only thing I would request is the option for an E-mail daily to be sure all was in order (i.e. not hacked”)
    Shouldn’t be too much of a problem, now that you have 1B in reserves. Thanks Nick

    • 50

      Thanks for being a customer, Nick. We love hearing what our customers love about banking with us. We’ll share your ideas with our team. Stay tuned to the Straight Talk blog for updates for our community.

  20. 56
    C Williams

    I was looking for a way to build up my savings. I thought about ING, but I found out that Capital One bought them… I don’t like Capital One. I remembered that there was another online bank and I had to Google to remember the name. I did a little research on Ally and the interest rate is really good. I’m going to tell my friends about Ally because when I find something good, I like to share.

    The customer service is really good too.

    Thanks for being so awesome!

  21. 58

    I like the lack of fees. For someone who doesn’t have steady income (plus is loaded with student debt) I’d never be able to meet the requirements many banks have to stop account fees. Ally is great with free checking and good service. Haven’t had to need to use an ATM, more on that later. So far so good.

  22. 60
    JL Amador

    I go tired of keeping up to date with my local banks terms and conditions on free checking accounts. I just don’t have time to put up with the conditions they require in order to keep it free. I
    failed and was hit with fees. The free months I received didn’t turn out to be so free when I added up all the fees for not meeting the minimum requirements. On top WellsFargo Reps misinformed me.

  23. 61
    Mona Labrecque

    Everyone is right. Customer Service is spot on! However, it was your Money Market rate that made me switch over to Ally. Hope it keeps going up, and I will keep putting my money in Ally!!!!

  24. 62

    The other banks advertise “free” products but still have the fine print requirements of minimum balances, direct deposits, or savings auto-drafts. That does not really sound free to me.

    With Ally I like the better rates, simple e-deposits, and no hidden fees like all the other banks have. It would be nice to have some kind of texting banking just to get my account balances so you don’t have to login to an application.

  25. 63

    I got a great rate on my car loan at the Dealership from Ally Financial, did more research on Ally Bank and moved all from Credit Union to Ally. Also, excellent Customer Service!

  26. 64

    Great rates of course! Plus online-only is super convenient for how I bank. My only complaint is that transaction (specifically deposit) time seems to be a bit longer than the other banks I’ve used.

  27. 65

    Great rates. We have made more interest on our money with Ally Bank in one month that with BBT Bank has paid us in the last five years..

  28. 66

    Great bank, but Android app is unusable– looks like something ported from iOS from five years ago. Please redesign it like you did recently with the current iOS version!!!

  29. 67

    Great rates and mobile app is awesome and does great to help me keep track of my finances while I am on the Go! Thank you for creating a banking service for the people. I know you make your money but at least we get a piece of our investment back.

  30. 68

    My financial planner recommended Ally since the bank I was using paid terrible interest rates. I am just getting used to not have a ‘local branch’ to go to but I am sure I’ll get over it eventually.

  31. 69

    Both of my brothers had Ally accounts already and recommended it to me. Highest interest rate available, quick and easy to use…I figured, “Why not? There’s no downside.” And so far, there isn’t, indeed. I transferred my savings account from a traditional bank to Ally. This makes much more sense than using a bank you have to physically go to, because who likes doing that? Perfect. I’m just about to “go green” and switch to online-only statements as well. :)

  32. 70

    I love ALLY, It’s been great no fees! I’m telling all my friend to sign up. It would be great if there was an app for windows 8 though.

  33. 72

    awesome customer service friendly personal and courteous rare in these days,along with smart financial service strategy,except non outgoing international transfer,i love ally bank definitely is my ally,don’t have doubt about your successful future cause you deserve it,good luck and thank you

  34. 73

    Love ally bank.

    Everything about them is ahead of the curve, one of the greatest banks around.

    Theyre only flaw is its difficult to deposit cash, but thats not much of a problem for me.

  35. 74

    I like the rates. and the no fees and no extra charges. I like that I get interest with out a huge balance. great customer service when I need it. I have checked out many other on line bank sites, Ally won me over. some of the other sites, I would not trust even as as far as I could throw them. so far Ally has earned my continued trust. keep up the great work Ally. another thing I look at and Ally has passed, so far, they do not try to sell, sell, sell. and I can always find any information I need from Ally. one competitor keeps calling me to sell insurance, almost every day> the result with them: I will never buy anything from them, ever. FYI: you may rest assured, I have not seen Ally be that way, and I do appreciate that. again good job Ally.

  36. 78
    Gordon Brown

    I agree with Missy, above. The great rates attracted my attention but the quality customer service will keep me. I moved from American Express for that reason. Thanks Ally.

  37. 80

    We tested moving funds from Chase Savings to Ally Savings and found it took 6 days (4 business days). which doesn’t make me happy but then again, the rate is very good at Ally!

  38. 82

    I switched from Chase to Ally. Chase took a dark turn to overseas support and any call to them takes 2-3x longer with awkward/unnatural conversation. Ally customer support is excellent. Talk to someone in minutes, and conversation is quick and secure. Free everything is a definite perk, too. Loving me some Ally!

  39. 83

    While it’s true that purple is my favorite color, that’s not really why I chose Ally. As for the other answers: Ally’s rate is good, but I actually get a better rate at another bank; none of my family or friends have ever mentioned Ally to me; and I haven’t had much need for customer service from Ally.

    But since you seem interested in why I chose Ally: I was looking for a free checking account and like the idea of my bank avoiding the costly overhead of physical branches while instead delivering top-notch online and mobile banking tools.

  40. 85

    Ally was the best rate for my auto loan and I was able to get GAP and Extended warranty for my new vehicle. Therefore Ally trust me to loan me the money, I trust Ally with all my financial needs going forward!! GO ALLY, left Chase.

  41. 86

    I wish I would’ve switched sooner! I paid Wells Fargo $2000 in fees this past year and I had ENOUGH! So I am so happy with Ally, love their customer service, chat option, and the awesome lack of fees! Great mobile app too!

    the only con is the wait for the check to deposit, it is next day with most banks and Wells Fargo did let me use my available even though it hadn’t cleared. But I rarely get checks so it’s no biggie! Not worth the awfulness of high fees!

  42. 87

    Ally has some awesome rates for car loans! After my auto loan was paid off I enjoyed Ally so much I decided to open up an online savings account. I didn’t realize until I started doing research that their savings account rates were 3x larger than my local bank.

  43. 88
    Shay L.

    I’ve been a Chase customer since 2010 and I thought they were the best thing out there. I recently found out about online banking while looking for high yield savings accounts. Can’t believe Ally’s checking Apr is higher than my Chase savings Apr. I was not happy to find out I could have been earning more than 2 cents a month all this time. I had two checking, one savings, and one credit card with Chase. I now only have one checking and a credit card there. I now also have an IRA, a savings, and a checking with Ally.

    There was a bank with a higher apr, but I have an auto loan with Ally already so I sort of trusted them and I’m glad I did.

  44. 89

    Opened a checking and savings account with Ally after seeing the commercials on TV and doing some research.

    Have not switched my direct deposit from my other account yet due to Ally’s lack of instant notification of transactions via text message. I have this feature with my other account and I’m quite dependent upon it. I like to be able to look at a text message on my phone and know what my balance is in real time and also be notified of each and every transaction.

    I hope Ally implements this feature in the near future.

  45. 91

    I agree with Steph. Opened a savings account 2 months ago. Excellent customer service and rates. Chase is closing my nearest branch and the other are too much of an inconvenience. I am thinking about opening a checking account with Ally BUT no account updates through text. My laptop is the only internet access I have and I can’t carry it everywhere. Text updates are not a convenience for me, it is a necessity. I won’t switch until Ally gets this.

  46. 92

    Disappointed in the check deposit hold timeline when you have account balances that significantly cover the check you are depositing. I switched from Chase also where I got immediate credit on my deposit checks.
    Love the interest rate and the customer phone service.

  47. 93

    Ally was recommended to me by my son because of the mobile deposit feature…and it is free unlike my current bank Regions. I will be moving more and more to Ally. So long Regions!

  48. 94
    Stephen J

    Absolutely love the rates, will have to live with the deposit issues since there are no branches, love the customer service, but we REALLY need to speed up the amount of time it takes money to post to your account after you transfer it from an outside account.

  49. 95

    Rates are good so I thought I’d give it a try. Very difficult to setup account though, had to request one three times. Miscommunication and lack of responses will not keep customers.

    –What does it tell you when the color purple has more votes than good customer service????

  50. 96

    I joined a month ago and am very impressed. Really nice webpage, excellent customer service through the online chat, no “gotcha” fees, and of course the best rate. I have even recommended Ally to friends–who ever recommends a bank?! It would be nice though if ACH transfers to/from other banks were faster/instantaneous.

  51. 98

    Love the rates.The transfer and ach could be faster.It would be nice not to have that float in which I loose interest on money transfers.

  52. 99
    Tiru Narayan

    I heard all good things about Ally from my son. And he urged me to open an account, and I did. The savings’ interest rate is one of the highest in the nation.

  53. 101

    I love every thing about Ally, except…
    the inability to use fingerprint readers to log into the mobile app. Please make this a feature in the near future!

  54. 102

    I got fed up with my credit union because bill pay was bad and every time I switched from mobile to PC, they wanted a security check with text message I’d number.

    Pros.. Free checks, free ATMs, easy remote deposit (I live 8miles from my credit union) better bill pay and I like that Ally decides when to process fort He delivery date,

    Cons.. Ebills. Haven’t figured out how they get paid since they don’t show as scheduled paymnts. Nice feature, but don’t have faith in it yet.

  55. 104
    Jeff Walburn

    The interest rates are as good or better than one can get in the market. However, I have been impressed with customer service. I financed a car that I paid off with Ally and received excellent customer service there as well.

  56. 106

    The interest rates are great, among various choices of online saving banks with higher interest rates, I chose Ally because I was impressed by a bank which can have such an awesome user experience of the UI, and the detailed, easy to follow web site, great marketing contents! It feels like there must an awesome team behind it.

    • 107

      Hi Laura, we love hearing this! We obsess over the customer experience 24/7 to get it right. Thanks for sharing your feedback and for reading the blog!

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